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    Hi guys,

    Quick message to let you know that as of June 2020 the wire withdrawal fees will be updated.
    You will find the applicable fees here :

    If anyone of you have access to the previous withdrawal fees, it would be interesting to see which one increased, which one stay stable (and let us be crazy … which ones decreased!).



    yes, the Euro SEPA transfer is now cheaper. Now 5€ vs 7€.

    Here the old transfer fees:

    A C C O U N T W I T H D R AWA L F E E S – B A N K A C C O U N T
    Goldmoney deducts a withdrawal fee from your currency balance before funds are sent to your bank account. These fees
    are charged by our banks and passed on to you without a premium. We disclose these fees to you before each transfer is
    Currency Funds Transfer Fee
    CAD – Canadian dollars 22.00 per wire transfer
    CHF – Swiss francs 22.00 per wire transfer
    EUR – Euros 15.00 per wire transfer / SEPA transfer 7.00
    GBP – British pounds CHAPS & Intl. Trfr. 10.00
    JPY – Japanese yen 2,000.00 per wire transfer
    USD – U.S. dollars 20.00 per wire transfer
    HKD – Hong Kong dollars 160.00 per wire transfer
    NZD – New Zealand dollars 25.00 per wire transfer
    AUD – Australian dollars 20.00 per wire transfer


    Excellent, thanks very much!

    This is good news and it has been almost 6 months now that there was no “bad news”, major uproar, or feature taken away.

    I am curious to see if the company is going to announce anything now that the regulatory issues seem to be behind.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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