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    Hi guys,

    Quick message to let you know that as of June 2020 the wire withdrawal fees will be updated.
    You will find the applicable fees here :

    If anyone of you have access to the previous withdrawal fees, it would be interesting to see which one increased, which one stay stable (and let us be crazy … which ones decreased!).



    yes, the Euro SEPA transfer is now cheaper. Now 5€ vs 7€.

    Here the old transfer fees:

    A C C O U N T W I T H D R AWA L F E E S – B A N K A C C O U N T
    Goldmoney deducts a withdrawal fee from your currency balance before funds are sent to your bank account. These fees
    are charged by our banks and passed on to you without a premium. We disclose these fees to you before each transfer is
    Currency Funds Transfer Fee
    CAD – Canadian dollars 22.00 per wire transfer
    CHF – Swiss francs 22.00 per wire transfer
    EUR – Euros 15.00 per wire transfer / SEPA transfer 7.00
    GBP – British pounds CHAPS & Intl. Trfr. 10.00
    JPY – Japanese yen 2,000.00 per wire transfer
    USD – U.S. dollars 20.00 per wire transfer
    HKD – Hong Kong dollars 160.00 per wire transfer
    NZD – New Zealand dollars 25.00 per wire transfer
    AUD – Australian dollars 20.00 per wire transfer


    Excellent, thanks very much!

    This is good news and it has been almost 6 months now that there was no “bad news”, major uproar, or feature taken away.

    I am curious to see if the company is going to announce anything now that the regulatory issues seem to be behind.


    The fees are still to high for the small investor. The only option for the small gold saver remains gold bars and coins kept at home.


    yes it is.

    Honestly a SEPA transfer is free from my personal accounts, and 0.50c from a business account for me no matter which bank I use.
    I have no idea how a company like Goldmoney cannot get a better deal than me (or a similar one).
    They should have a much higher bargaining power than me.

    Right now the value I see in GM is the possibility to trade the gold silver ratio at a reduced fee.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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