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    Since this community is not active and I focus on reducing costs on my gold dealer business, I think of closing this forum.
    So maybe we can move on some social media?
    I know there are many good channels out there like Patreon, Reddit, Medium and others but the point is we have to choose something that most of us use and we need the most visibility we can get so best is to choose mainstream.

    Since this community belongs to Goldmoney, why not just share on their Facebook page?


    Entirely your call Gold’n’Roll. As you say, there is not a lot of activity. If it is a matter of domain hosting cost only, there are free hosting sites such as

    I have not, and will not sign up for any social media however the GM facebook page is open to the public, and I do review it occasionally although I don’t expect GM to get any easier to use for the small holder.

    As a Canadian, my wish would be to re-establish a Canadian company something like bitgold was, but I’m not holding my breath.


    Activity in here is low indeed, but to be fair in the original discussion page on the GM site, a lot of posts where individual complaints coming from people who could not get a timely answer or solution by using the proper channel.
    Take this out and I am not sure the engagement was much higher.

    Now as @saanichtonian said, if it is a matter of cost I fully understand..
    I have no other personal contacts who are GM customers so I cannot bring anyone from personal recommendation to get the numbers up.

    Regarding using the GM facebook page, I would be reluctant to post general things about gold and silver or companies in the same industry ( Glintpay etc) but if this is what the majority goes for, I will oblige 🙂

    Mr Troy Oz

    I have to agree with the above comments made by saanichtonian and xtof. I would miss the interaction only a small community of like minded individuals can provide, but as said, “entirely your call Gold’n’Roll”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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