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    Hi everyone,

    More problems here and I may understand why Goldmoney closed their community: spams.

    I now deal with dozens of spams per day and the only way to stop them is to use an anti-spam service that is costly. Currently I’m on free trial but I will have to close this forum when the trial is over.

    We are 23 people here and I don’t want to lose contacts so here are my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles:

    I will now have to concentrate on my efforts to save Gold’n’Roll, the gold dealer business in Romania. To understand how anti-business the Romanian government is, they now require me to have 2 full-time employees… regardless of the business needs. I have the option not to have employees but instead of a corporate tax on profit, I would have to pay a 3% income tax… Imagine 3% sales tax when my profit margin on bullion bars and coins is well below 3%! I could increase the premium by 3% but then who would be crazy to buy gold from me.

    Anyways, in a week or so the domain will redirect to the Gold’n’Roll shop:

    So hopefully we’ll remain in contact by other channels.

    All the best!

    Alexandru, Gold’n’Roll

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    … That doesn’t mean that I don’t think of workarounds this week. I don’t want to lose this community as small as it is 🙂


    OK, I found an workaround. This anti-spam has a freemium version but the price is that we can’t use is to promote Goldmoney, and I can’t use it to promote Gold’n’Roll 🙂

    I don’t have ads on my site
    I don’t sell products/services on my site
    I don’t promote a business on my site

    The community continues!

    Mr Troy Oz

    Hi Alexandru,

    Certainly after all the effort you devoted to giving GM expats a platform to continue open discussion and to present new ideas, it should not be at the cost of your personal time and money to continue supporting this platform.
    – And the workaround you describe sounds rather restrictive and confining as to how it may be utilized. And again it sounds like it could be time consuming to monitor this Pgm. even though it’s presented as free.

    It appears the majority of us who signed up to Gold’N’Roll have moved their attentions onto other life matters.
    So, given there is such little activity taking place here, you are probably right that moving to social media platforms is now the best way to go.

    I for one appreciate the time & effort you put into this platform for us, and if you decide it’s time to shut down and and move-on to more urgent matters in your live, please do not feel regret. In my eyes, you are a hero and what you set up for us was a success! There is no failure in attempting something new.

    What ever you decide, just leave us a quick note.
    I wish you all the best in the future and perhaps our paths will cross somewhere once again.
    It is my pleasure to have had your acquaintance.

    Benjamin Barnes.
    – Globe Trotter –


    I connected with Alexandru through Linkedin
    Are you in there too?


    Hi Benjamin and thank you for the kind words!

    I will keep this forum for a while. There should be no problems with sharing insights from Goldmoney or commenting about Goldmoney, BullionStar and other companies, as long as we don’t consistently advertise one company. I will just remove the Goldmoney section of the forum and all the news about Goldmoney should go to Community Updates.

    I want this forum to be more than just sharing news, but more about personal insights about how a banking system based on gold may function. Since the main goal of Goldmoney was to be a gold bank for payments, we should focus on this idea. And also on the idea of a gold bank for credit.

    I will close this forum when there will be something bigger to replace it.



    Mr Troy Oz

    Well said. Agree!


    @mr troy oz, I also connected with Alexandru.
    I will ask him to kindly introduce the two of us, if that is ok with you

    Mr Troy Oz

    @xtof, That would be fine – Thank You!

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