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    Mr Troy Oz

    “Good Move GoldnRoll!”
    I’m sure Goldmoney is going to be the subject many, many postings down the road. So it’s good that it will have its own dedicated mailbox!

    Thanks again.

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    Mr Troy Oz

    Wishing everyone here a great New Year in 2020!

    Today is January 1st,2020.
    I just received a ‘greeting card’ from Goldmoney telling me my “Storage Fee Payment Receipt” had arrived!
    Thus billing me from Dec 1st to Jan 1st, 2020 for essentially a zero balance on account in this time frame.

    What I did have on balance was the .070 gram ‘birthday gift of gold’ they had given me, which they had deposited into the Toronto vault which I’ve never used?
    (The only vault I’ve ever used via GM was Singapore).

    Anyway, they cleaned out this tiny little balance, claiming it as ‘storage fees!’
    – My immediate response was to send a message to GM to ‘Please, please.. ‘pretty please’, Close my account!

    Would I ever sign up for a Goldmoney ‘Holding acct?’ Never! Why? Attitude! (plus some incompetence).
    – I believe Goldmoney’s Holding acct is just Trouble waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have no trust in them as a company to serve their customers interests.


    Ditto Mr Troy Oz. They just took .0502 grams of my gold which was the last little bit that I could not get out of my Personal account due to their need for a little buffer amount on the sale. Same deal, they congratulated me on paying my storage fee. I assume my account will get closed eventually.
    I have been waiting since Dec. 20 for the balance of my Holding account to get sent to my bank — that is several thousand dollars worth, I hope they see fit to send it soon. Too bad it has come to this. I decided to pay of business debt rather than leave my money in speculative arrangements. I think 2020 is going to be a challenging year. (Hope I am wrong.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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