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    Mr Troy Oz

    Well it certainly has gone quiet here in Gold’n’Roll. Where is everyone?

    Haven’t seen any new posts in nearly a month now. Is everything at GM going so well these days that there’s no need to report any positive changes or issues? Or have people moved onto other venues?

    Was kinda hoping someone from ‘Goldmoney holding’ could update whether GM had improved and might be considered worth joining once again.



    @MrTroyOz Good to see some activity, it’s silence here indeed.

    For GM we have to rely on Roy’s tweets:

    Some of the latest things I have begun to see coming down the pipeline truly scare me. Pre-Crime is real and we are now being forced to screen clients for ethical flags. New tools are being forced upon us as well that flag people for social media behavior. Truly dystopian.

    The Good News: Goldmoney clients – you can rest assured your assets are safe and legally compliant with tax/aml/kyc laws while residing outside the fractional reserve banking system. Goldmoney shareholders – after fiscal Q3, revenue will rise and opex will decline significantly.


    Much of the discussion on the GM board was regarding questions about, and troubles with, GM. That and the sideways movement of gold and silver for the past while probably has people waiting quietly for some type of breakout.

    I have been using Sprott’s Gold and Silver Trusts (Canadian & US listed) as ‘cash accounts’ for the last while. In terms of trust, probably one of the better ones as Eric Sprott appears to understand the fraud, theft and counterfeiting carried out by western ‘governments’ in using ‘privately created debt as a substitute for currency’ system, to the detriment of all the people of each country.

    I would like to see discussions on things such as mining stocks and on gold being introduced back into the currency systems on here. Does anyone know of any good mining stocks (and why they are good?)




    The only gold mining stock that I follow is the Canadian ESM, because they develop projects in Romania so it’s easier for me to understand the context and the potential.

    I recommend their website, well structured, transparent and complete information. I understood they have a great executive team.

    The only problem is raising capital. Every 3-4 months they’re short of cash.

    Simplywallstreet are very bearish on ESM:

    This view keeps the stock cheap which makes them a good opportunity in case they get to sell the 1st ounce.

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